on AIR Tour: Milan

Inspired from the sessions at on AIR Tour in Milan I decided to fire up a blog and start blogging to share my ideas and solutions with the Flash and Flex communities. I’ve decided to write it in english because all the blogs I read everyday are in english too, so it’s our standard language (after Actionscript I hope).

Yesterday in Milan it was a beautiful day, perfectly organized in a fantastic location. I want to thanks Adobe and all the onAIRTour Team for the ten sessions, for the good lunch and for all the fantastic prizes gived away during the day. I’m the lucky winner of a copy of Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional. Thanks Adobe!

I enjoyed a lot Serge Jespers‘s session about “Deploying and Updating AIR Applications” and Andrew Shorten‘s one about “Data Intensive Enterprise AIR Applications”, but my preferred was “AIR Conditioning” , presented by Lee Brimelow, with a lot of demos (NativeWindower, AIRTube, SpitEmOut, etc.) and a lot of fun.