Eclipse 3.5 and FDT 3.2 for Actionscript development – Part 2 – Additional plugins

In the first post of the serie I explained how to install a plugin. Here is a list of additional plugins that you can install if you need the features they provide:

  • Subclipse
    Update site: is an Eclipse Team Provider plug-in providing support for Subversion within the Eclipse IDE.
  • ExploreFS
    Update site: is a tiny plugin that opens a selected file in the folder of the native file manager. It adds “Explore in File System” to the context menu of Eclipse’s package explorer, resource navigator, and other views.
  • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
    Update site:  Galileo – (included in Eclipse)
    Select Programming languages -> Eclipse XML Editors and ToolsXML, DTD and XML Schema Editors, validators, and XML Catalog support for Eclipse. Installing this you will be able to edit XML files inside Eclipse.


  • BigSource Zarkov
    Update site: BigSource Zarkov is a compiler wrapper for eclipse to simplify ant tasks. It features ant taskdefinitions with autocompletion for every compilertask. Creating ant targets with the choosen compiler and the comiler specific options will become more comfortable.

    The following compilers/players are supported:

    • mxmlc (fcsh) implemented
    • amxmlc implemented
    • compc (fcsh) implemented
    • acompc (fcsh) implemented
    • asdoc implemented
    • aasdoc implemented
    • Mtasc implemented
    • Haxe implemented
    • Flashplayer implemented
    • Browser implemented
    • ADL (Air Debug Launcher) implemented
    • ADT (Air Developer Tool) incl. Prepare, Package, Certificate and Sign implemented


  • PixelBender Outline View
    Website: Outline is a simple view for Eclipse. It allows you to browse through compiled PixelBender kernel files (pbj). Usually it is quite annoying when working with PixelBender. You always have to debug the shader if you did not write it yourself to know about parameters and stuff. The PixelBender Outline view allows you to navigate through that information in a comfortable way.
  • MetaLaunch
    Website: wanted to start multiple launchers with one single click in Eclipse? MetaLaunch will solve this issue. Just select the launchers you want to start and then change the order to fit your needs. You can also select to launch those tasks sequential or in a one shot.
  • FlashHunter Deluxe
    Website: is a neat Eclipse plug-in Joa Ebert wrote that allows you to kill all running Flash player instances with a single click. He was implementing the fast Fourier transformation in Flash and he had a stupid error that caused an endless loop. Since he was testing with the standalone player the only way to get rid of it was Ctrl+Alt+Del and killing it. This was not really a nice workflow so he wrote the plug-in.

Feel free to suggest any other useful plugin posting a comment on this page.