Eclipse 3.5 and FDT 3.2 for Actionscript development – Part 4 – Customization

1) Eclipse Splash Screen

There are two ways of changing the Eclipse splash screen, manually or using the Random Splash Screen plugin:

  • Manually
    Put the “splash.bmp” file in the folder C:\eclipse\ and add the following line to the file C:\eclipse\eclipse.ini:

  • Random Splash Screen
    Everytime Eclipse starts, Random Splash Screen overwrites Eclipse’s splash screen with a random image picked from your personal image folder. This image is then displayed on the next Eclipse start.Website: modify the plugin options go in

Since I was not satisfied with the splash screens that I found I asked my friend Denio Barani to design a splash screen more appealing, and here are the four versions:

[download id=”1″]
[download id=”2″]
[download id=”3″]
[download id=”4″]

Here a list of various splash screens that I found around the web:

2) Eclipse icon

I don’t like a lot the standard Eclipse icon so here you can find some different ones:

To convert the images to icons use the iConvert website.