Flash Camp Birmingham ‘09 – June 16th, 12-8pm


From the official website:

Flash Camp Birmingham is a completely free event organised by the Midlands Flash Platform User Group.

Over an afternoon and evening, experts in Flash, Flex and AIR will share their knowledge through presentations and talks. Come and meet the some of the Adobe team, Community Leaders and network with fellow developers and designers.

Whether you’re just getting started with the Flash Platform, or consider yourself a pro, there’s something for you!

This is the schedule:

  • 13:00 | Keynote – Enrique Duvos (Adobe Systems)
  • 13:30 | Getting started with Flex & PureMVC – Simon Bailey (Newtriks)
  • 14:15 | Break, networking & registration for new arrivals
  • 14:45 | Head first Flex 4 Component Development – Mike Jones (FlashGen)
  • 15:30 | Skinning components with Degrafa & FXG – James Whittaker (RefreshingApps)
  • 16:15 | Break, networking & registration for new arrivals
  • 16:45 | Away3D and the future of 3D in Flash – Rob Bateman (Away3D)
  • 17:30 | Rapid prototyping & motion design on mobile devices – Anthony & Jerome Ribot (Ribot)
  • 18:15 | Break, networking & the bar’s open!
  • 18:30 | Adobe On Tour: Presenting Flex 4 & Flash Catalyst (Adobe Systems)
  • 19:30 | Panel: Everything you wanted to know about contracting & freelancing, but were scared to ask Q&A
    Stefan Richter (FlashComGuru), Ross Fleming (TEKSystems), Mike Jones, Simon Bailey
  • 20:15 | Prize draws & closing presentation
  • 20:30 | Event ends

To register visit the official website.
See you there!

London Flash Platform User Group (30/04/2009)


In a couple of hours I’m going to listen Seb Lee-Delisle and Carlos Ulloa talking about Papervision 3D.

From the London Flash Platform User Group website:

Papervision3D, Simplified (19:00 – 20:00) – Seb Lee-Delisle
Finally! Realtime 3D in Flash is taking off and there has never been more demand for 3D games, apps and websites. And naturally, with such a powerful library comes somewhat of a steep learning curve.

This session will cover how to create 3D objects in code, import them from other 3D apps and even make a simple game.

We Make. You Enjoy (20:15 – 21:15) – Carlos Ulloa

Dive deep into the third dimension with the creator of Papervision3D and discover the secrets behind his latest interactive 3D experience, HelloEnjoy.com.

The session will focus on the techniques, workflow and planning necessary to overcome the creative and technical challenges of real time 3D in Flash, giving an inside view of the entire creation process, from concept and planning, to development and art production.

For more informations click here.

Flash Camp London ’09 – February 26th, 1-8pm


From the official website:

Flash Camp London ’09 is a FREE, community-run event for everyone interested in the Adobe Flash Platform! Whether you’re just getting started with Flash or you’re an expert, Flash Camp aims to provide something for you.

We’ve lined up some of the most experienced Flash creatives in the world who will share their knowledge on everything Flash related including, migrating from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3, 3D, Inverse Kinematices and video to list a few.

We’ve also got some great prizes to give-away throughout the day (more on that as we get closer to the event). Don’t feel you have to rush off as we will likely move to a local drinking hole to continue the discussions over a few pints.

These are the speakers:

  • Mike Chambers, Adobe [learn more]
  • Lee Brimelow, Adobe [learn more]
  • Serge Jespers, Adobe [learn more]
  • Seb Lee Delisle, Plug-in Media [learn more]
  • James Whittaker, RefreshingApps [learn more]
  • Richard Dean, Lightmaker [learn more]
  • Michael Chase, AKQA [learn more]

I’ll be there, giving some help to the organization. And you?

p.s. to register visit the official website